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Gotoh GBR640-XN 4 In-Line Res-O-Lite Lightweight Bass Tuners - ANTIQUE X-NICKEL

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Bass guitars have weighty machine heads and by their very nature have always suffered from “neck-dive”. With the advent of 5 and 6 string basses, this tendency became still more acute, making long sessions uncomfortable for the musician. The RES-O-LITE series was developed to solve this problem. By chiefly using the special alloy “duralumin”, excellent weight savings are achieved.

  • Gear Ratio : 1 : 28
  • 4 in line bass side tuners Set (right handed basses)
  • Reverse Gearing
  • X-Finish the ultimate finish, repels all water and dirt and gives inimitable look
  • Weight : 61.8g/pc
  • 17.6mm (11/16") headstock hole diameter required
  • Includes Bushings and screws
  • Made in Japan