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Hipshot 6K1GL0C-STAG Grip-Lock Upgrade Kit STAGGERED Open-Gear 6 in line CHROME

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Hipshot Grip-Lock, Open-Gear, Bass side, 6 in line, Staggered.
  • 10mm Peghole required for installation
  • Includes UMP Universal Mounting Kit for no-modification installation.
  • Includes bushings and screws for traditional installation as well.

What's the difference between bass side and treble side tuning machines?

Bass side and treble side are references to the orientation of the tuner. More specifically the side of the headstock the tuning machine should be mounted on. A bass side tuning machine has the tuning shaft protruding from the right side of the tuner and a treble side tuner has the shaft protruding from the left side.

For example, a right handed guitar would have all tuners on the bass side. A reverse headstock or left handed guitar would have all treble side tuners.